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Steam Overlays Fixed?
A Steam client update last week claims to have fixed some problems with game crashes related to the Steam overlay. Several games suffer issues with overlays (Steam, Xfire etc) and the workaround has always been to disable overlays. Hopefully this fix will remove the need to do this for Steam at least.

See the full update details on

BobLAN 2014.1 Roundup
What a fantastic weekend that was! It was the first full weekend LAN party in over 18 months, and everyone was up for some serious gaming. Numbers were great, particularly on the Friday when we managed 7-a-side at one point. It was really pleasing to see some proper team play going on too, eg the CounterStrike games on de_vertigo.

There was a huge variety to the games we played too:
  • CS:GO
  • L4D2
  • Day of Defeat
  • Battlefield 3
  • Battlefield 1942
  • HalfLife 2 DM
  • QuakeWorld CTF
  • GRID
  • Rockband
As always, big thanks to Bob for hosting all of us again (if you haven't paid up yet, please do so). It was great to see so many people there, particularly those who travelled a long way to attend. It just shows how much everyone loves coming :)

BobLAN 2014.1 Day 1
The first full BobLAN in a while started yesterday, and for a setup night, there was plenty of decent gaming. Once we'd made sure all the servers were working (and had some tea), we settled down to some quality CS:GO.

Given that today is the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings, we plan to play all the various flavours of the Omaha Beach map on the different FPS games that have featured it over the years.

BobLAN 2014.1 Imminent
Here's a reminder to all members that BobLAN 2014.1 starts tomorrow evening, running through to Sunday. Please make sure you have updated your gaming PCs before coming, to avoid overloading the internet connection as you catch up on the several GB of Steam game updates.

As always, you can follow the action on our dedicated BobLAN Page including constantly updating schedule and live webcam.

Far Cry 4
Still on the topic of franchise extensions, Ubisoft have unveiled details of the next iteration in the Far Cry series. Far Cry 4 will take place in the fictional Himalayan region of Kryat. Due for release in November 2014, you can keep up with information on Shacknews or preorder the PC Limited Edition at GAME

Wolfenstein - A History
Following on from the announcement of a new Wolfenstein game, Shacknews have put together a retrospective covering the whole Wolfenstein history, starting right back in 1981 with the 2D top-down shooter. It's come a long way :)

View the article on Shacknews

Age of Mythology Extended Out Now
As reported recently, an updated version of Age of Mythology has been in the pipeline. The game became available on the Steam Store yesterday for the princely sum of £22.99 (or £67.99 for a 4-pack). That does appear to be quite expensive for a makeover to a game from a decade ago.

CoD: Advanced Warfare
Activision have released details of the next instalment in the Call of Duty franchise. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is being developed by Sledgehammer Games (the developers behind MW3), and is due to hit the streets on 4th November 2014. Further details of the game, plus the reveal about Kevin Spacey's involvement, can be found on Shacknews

Wolfenstein: The New Order
The game that started it all 22 years ago, Wolfenstein, is back again courtesy of Bethesda. This time the story is set in the 1960's with the Nazis having won WWII. You can find plenty of videos, screenshots and articles covering BJ Blazkowicz's latest exploits on Shacknews

BobLAN 2014.1 Dates
After a gap of nearly 2 years, the dates for the next BobLAN have been announced. The LAN will take place from Thursday 5th June until Sunday 8th June. The usual LAN Party page and Forums Topic are up and available for use.

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