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BobLAN 2013 TBC
No dates have been announced for this year's BobLANs. However we do know that the traditional Easter weekend will not be the weekend again due to family commitments. More to follow when Bob picks a date.

Mani to Close
We received the sad news on Sunday that the Mani Admin plugin for the Source engine games will be closing down. We have been using Mani for years to add features to the BobLAN CounterStrike, Day of Defeat and Halflife 2 DM servers. I'd only just got it working with CS:GO too :( Mani has been a great addition to the CS community since the start, and it will be missed.

There is an alternative, which I will look into - that is eXtensible Admin for Eventscripts. We've already got Eventscripts in use, and according to the documentation, XA supports Mani config files.

BobLAN 2012.2 Confirmed
The LAN party dates have been confirmed - setup (including Asda curry) starts next Thursday evening, and runs through until Sunday early afternoon. Follow the game discussions on the Forums.

BobLAN 2012.2 Dates
Our LAN party host DFC-Lynx has pencilled in the weekend of 9th-11th November 2012 for the next event. The dates are only provisional, but most of the regulars have confirmed their availability.

The BobLAN page has been setup, as has the Forums Topic covering the weekend. Feel free to post game suggestions.

FarCry 3 PC Specs
Ubisoft have revealed the recommended PC spec required to play the third game in the FarCry series. As per usual, the specs are demanding if you want to run the game in its full glory - they recommend an i7-2600K coupled with a high end DX11 graphics card for best effect.

Read the full specs on Shacknews.

Still on the subject of FarCry 3, Ubi have also announced that the game will only go online to activate once for single player usage (as opposed to FarCry 2, which required always-on internet access). Multiplayer sessions will check DRM at each launch, but that's nothing out of the ordinary these days.

Wii U Content Transfer
An article on Shacknews reports that the new Wii U will be able to transfer content from your old Wii, including Miis, WiiWare, and Virtual Console games without having to repurchase paid-for DLC.

The only stipulation is that both systems need to be connected to the internet at the same time - not a problem for wireless connection these days.

BW Content
I happened across Jace's personal page this evening, and on it are a few nostalgic gems of MCW and BW times...
  • BarrysWorld - look towards the bottom of the page for various links to BW content
  • MCW League - a snapshot of season 8 where DFC played in Division 3
Them were the days...

Game and GameStation Rebranding
Specialist retailer Game today announced its plans for the Game and GameStation brands following their exit from Administration. They are consolidating to a single brand, namely Game. The 122 remaining GameStation stores will be rebranded over the coming weeks.

Coupled with the rebranding is a relaunch of the popular Reward scheme, which will include the best bits of both brands. It will have the 2x preorder bonus from Game, and the achievements and points on trade-ins from GameStation.

You can read more on this via the industry news sites:

Wii U Launch Date Set
UK retailers have announced the release date of the next generation Nintendo console - the Wii U - as 30th November 2012. The basic model is to be priced at around £250 and the premium model will be around £300. Various bundle deals will be on offer, including games for a marginally reduced overall price.

Whilst this will no doubt be popular with Nintendo fans, it'll be interesting to see if Xbox and PS gamers will hold on until their respective next gen consoles appear next year.

BobLAN Updates Go Mobile
In readiness for this autumn's LAN party action, the popular BobLAN page has been ported to the mobile format.

Point your devices, as it were, at the Mobile BobLAN page to see the LAN details and schedule as it unfolds.

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