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BobLAN 2014.1 Dates
After a gap of nearly 2 years, the dates for the next BobLAN have been announced. The LAN will take place from Thursday 5th June until Sunday 8th June. The usual LAN Party page and Forums Topic are up and available for use.

Age of Mythology Extended
Following on from the recent makeover given to Age of Empires II, it is Age of Mythology that's next to receive the treatment. An article on Eurogamer lists the PC requirements for the release which is due this May. There is also a short trailer showing the graphical enhancements and features of the game.

One of the key elements could be the Steam Workshop integration, which would mean easy access to community maps - great for LAN party use!

Steam Machines
Valve have released more details on their console offerings, known as Steam Machine. There will be at least 12 designs to choose from, varying greatly in price and spec.

The consoles will run SteamOS, which sits on top of Linux. It will also come with a bespoke Steam controller, optimised for the types of games hosted on Steam.

Here is the current list of manufacturors who will be building the first generation of Steam Machines:
  • Alienware
  • Alternate
  • CyberPowerPC
  • Digital Storm
  • Falcon NW
  • GigaByte
  • iBuyPower
  • Maingear
  • Next Spa
  • Origin PC
  • Scan
  • Webhallen
  • Zotac
Full details can be found at

CS:GO Gameplay Changes
A few changes were made to CS:GO gameplay earlier this week, particularly in relation to sound effects:
  • Changed C4 planting sounds - when planting the bomb, it plays an initialization sound that everyone can hear, but ONLY the player planting will hear the code typing sounds. This makes fake planting possible (similar to fake diffusing as a CT).
  • All items now follow the same pick up sound rules (grenades, C4, weapons, defuse kits, etc):
    • If a player picks up an item while running, it plays a pickup sound that everyone can hear.
    • If a player picks up an item while moving silently, it plays a subtle pickup sound to ONLY the player picking it up.

You can read the full change list on Steam News

Call of Duty: Ghosts
The latest game in the Call of Duty franchise became available for sale from midnight last night. This instalment has been developed by Infinity Ward, and early reviews point to some major changes in gameplay over previous versions.

I could go on to list them all here, but I think it would be best to simply point at a comprehensive review: IGN CoD: Ghosts Review

From a DFC perspective, the multiplayer and matchmaking experience should be smoother, and the co-op mode sounds to have much improved AI for your team mates and enemy bots. One to look forward to I think :)

Steam Family Sharing
Valve are due to start the beta of a new system which allows up to 10 authorised computers (eg those of family members) to borrow games you own in your library. Only one instance of a game can be played at a time, so this system can't be used to share the game for a multiplayer session.

It would be great for single player campaign games though, as once you have completed the game, you could let a family member have a go for no extra charge (including any DLC you may have purchased).

For more details, including how DLC, region restrictions and cheating are handled, see the Steam Family Sharing page on the Steam site.

CS:GO Chicken Changes
I was trawling back through the CS:GO update list, and spotted this one from a week ago:

Chicken changes based on pro feedback:
  • Reduced chicken sounds dBs and volume.
  • Reduced idle clucking rate.
  • Reduced range that scares chickens when running.
Read full details of this and other changes on Steam News:

XBox One Launch Date
Microsoft have announced the release date for the XBox One - it will be available for retail on Friday 22nd November, one week prior to the PlayStation 4 launch.

The releases will bring the total of new consoles this year to three (the Android-based Ouya being the other one) and following the Wii U last year.

CS:GO Update
An update to CS:GO yesterday introduced a bunch of weapon and gameplay changes. Full details can be found at Steam News, but here are a few highlights:
  • Added Silenced M4A1.
  • Added Silenced USP.
  • When a player reloads their weapon, they now drop a magazine that persists in the world.
  • Machine gun belts now visually match the ammo count in the viewmodel when firing and reloading.
  • Added holdable action key +lookatweapon that allows players to visually inspect their first person weapon while in-game. This has been bound to the F key by default (if that key was previously unbound). [Guessing this is in response to being able to buy customised weapons via the new Arms Deal section of Steam Workshop]
  • Players now automatically crouch while planting bombs.

MiniBob Reminder
Here's a quick reminder for everyone coming along to the MiniBob on Friday - please update your local Steam installations before you set off!

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