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BW Content
I happened across Jace's personal page this evening, and on it are a few nostalgic gems of MCW and BW times...
  • BarrysWorld - look towards the bottom of the page for various links to BW content
  • MCW League - a snapshot of season 8 where DFC played in Division 3
Them were the days...

Game and GameStation Rebranding
Specialist retailer Game today announced its plans for the Game and GameStation brands following their exit from Administration. They are consolidating to a single brand, namely Game. The 122 remaining GameStation stores will be rebranded over the coming weeks.

Coupled with the rebranding is a relaunch of the popular Reward scheme, which will include the best bits of both brands. It will have the 2x preorder bonus from Game, and the achievements and points on trade-ins from GameStation.

You can read more on this via the industry news sites:

Wii U Launch Date Set
UK retailers have announced the release date of the next generation Nintendo console - the Wii U - as 30th November 2012. The basic model is to be priced at around £250 and the premium model will be around £300. Various bundle deals will be on offer, including games for a marginally reduced overall price.

Whilst this will no doubt be popular with Nintendo fans, it'll be interesting to see if Xbox and PS gamers will hold on until their respective next gen consoles appear next year.

BobLAN Updates Go Mobile
In readiness for this autumn's LAN party action, the popular BobLAN page has been ported to the mobile format.

Point your devices, as it were, at the Mobile BobLAN page to see the LAN details and schedule as it unfolds.

DFC Site Back Up
The DFC main site and forums were temporarily offline earlier today due to a server outage. They have been moved to a new server, running the latest versions of PHP and MySQL. No data was lost as a result of the outage.

Company of Heroes 2 - ColdTech
Shacknews reported on the technology that's being developed for the sequel to Company of Heroes - the RTS game which made a couple of appearances at BobLAN a few years ago. The game stays with the WWII theme, but this time on the eastern front, where the Russians hold back the Germans.

The technology in question is ColdTech - designed to bring the realism of the snow and ice to life, and make it an integral part of the game. For example it's no longer a good idea to try to drive your tank over an iced lake or river, as that ice can be broken by the enemy.

You can read the full article on Shacknews. Also, there are plenty of Company of Heroes 2 screenshots and videos on Shacknews too.

Wolfenstein 20th Anniversary
Following on from the recent 30th anniversary of the ZX Spectrum, we now have the 20th anniversary of Wolfenstein 3D - generally regarded as the FPS that sparked the revolution in gaming in the early 90's. It marked the beginning of iD's dominance for many years, with massive titles such as Doom, Quake, Hexen, Heretic etc and the many versions of each one.

To celebrate the landmark, Steam are offering Wolfenstein for a whopping 74p. You can also get the full iD software pack at a 50% discount at the Steam Store. (offer ends at 18:00 BST today)

ZX Spectrum 30th Anniversary
The Sinclair ZX Spectrum hit the ripe old age of 30 this week. For those that owned the 8-bit computer, there's nothing like reminiscing about the great games that were available back then. Indeed, many rival today's games in terms of ideas and gameplay, if not graphics.

Foxy posted this link to a list of Spectrum classics on the Facebook - well worth a read :)

The Walking Dead Game
A game based on The Walking Dead comic book series (later serialised in AMC's award-winning TV show) is released next week. The plot will be the survivors vs zombies fare that many of us are familiar with in the Left 4 Dead series, however the main focus of the game is the single player campaign. You will play and interact with many of the characters from the comic books.

The game will be released as 5 monthly episodes on Steam, where you can buy individually, or pay for all episodes up-front. Read more about The Walking Dead at Steam News.

Easter Gaming
In-lieu of BobLAN, there will be some Good Friday gaming on 6th April. Meet up in MSN or Steam around 8pm - games to be decided when we know numbers. The likely choice will be L4D2 though, as most people own a copy of that.

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