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13th November 2003, 20:42 Text

Rating: Fox Rating 4

An assortment of geek-related song titles...

  1. I'll be your private function (Tina Turner) - Big Rich
  2. Big red BPO (Sinitta) - Big Rich
  3. I can bind with a little thread from my friends...(Wet Wet Wet) - Daz Blackett
  4. There's a brown crayon in the ring, tra, la, la, la, la - Kelly "Big Boy" Moran
  5. I'd like to teach the world to ping - Mesmer
  6. Corba Chameleon (Boy George) - Largey
  7. She's a CORBA Queen, Dynamite with a Java Bean, Guarenteed to blow you Orb...Aaannnyyytttimmmee - Daz Blackett
  8. Last Christmas I gave you my code, and the very next day you through it away - Fat Taylor
  9. The Corba (Black Lace) - Daz Blackett
  10. In the Java the quiet Java the thread sleeps tonight - Fat Taylor
  11. Java-bean around the world and I, I, I.. I can't find my object (Lisa Stansfield) - Daz Blackett
  12. Bridge over CORBA waters - Fat Taylor
  13. Do the compilation with me, come on and swing your hips now! come on! compile!....- Fat Taylor
  14. I've just got to get a CORBA message to you (BeeGee's) - Fat Taylor
  15. We have all the bugs in the world - Fat Taylor
  16. Tie a corba object round the old Oak tree - Fat Taylor
  17. 21st Century Schizoid Man (King Crimson) - Largey
  18. Exchange and Deliver... your message or your life - Daz Blackett
  19. Run, baby, run - sheryl crow - T Fox
  20. ...if you don't slow down you're gonna crash... ...shut, shut me down... (Transvision Vamp) - T Fox
  21. Don't go breaking my crayons! (Kike D) - Kelly "Big Boy" Moran
  22. It's the final crayon down (Europe) - Kelly "Big Boy" Moran
  23. Come on baby do the juke-box Java - Largey
  24. Handle in the Window (Credence Clearwater Revival) - Mesmer
  25. CORBA's coming home, its coming home, its coming,... - Fat Taylor
  26. Here they come, the beautiful bugs, the beautiful bugs... la la la la laaa (Suede) - Daz Blackett
  27. Coding coding coding, keep those coders coding... rawhide! - Daz Blackett
  28. Borland Bash (Those monster people) - Fat Taylor
  29. OOP - I did it again (Britney) - PaulG
  30. Don't Worry, Be API - PaulG