Desert Fox Clan
Desert Fox Clan


Thanks go to the following for all their work on this site:

Steve Mitchell Programming of DFC (php version)
Reuben Noot Programming of DFC (original ASP version)
Mark Thompson Programming of DFC Ladder system
Bob Allen LAN Party Host
Paul Gledhill Cloud Server Host
Scott Clark Community and Social
Daniel Nolan Desert Fox title bar
Keith Holt Animations and banner ads
Richard Wharram Fox of the Week R&D
Darren Blackett Humour Page
Gareth Lodge Ping Reduction Page
Kelly Moran DFC Skin
Paul Freedman DFC Games
Dean Tanner QuakeWorld Loc files

Big thanks go to }data{ for providing hosting and assistance in setting up the DNS, web server and database. Also, thanks to DBs at FreddysHouse for all his help and hosting assistance previously.

Finally, thanks to Mere Mortals, especially TheBorg and Belgarion, for all their help in DFC's early days.

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