Desert Fox Clan
Desert Fox Clan

DFC Challenge Cup Q3 1998

Preliminary Round

8 DF-Skonley vs DF-Lynx -1 DM2
0 DF-Fox vs DF-Terry 6 DM5
0 DF-RommelReubs vs MM-TheBorg 10 DM1

Quarter Finals

9 DF-Skonley vs DF-EvilGoblin 2 DM5
0 DF-Terry vs DF-Gaz 5 DM3
5 MM-TheBorg vs DF-Mesmer -2 DM2
6 DF-Wij * vs DF-Grendel 6 DM2

* DF-Wij wins by the Golden Gib

Semi Finals

6 DF-Skonley vs DF-Gaz 3 DM5
10 MM-TheBorg vs DF-Wij -1 DM3


0 DF-Skonley vs MM-TheBorg 22 DM4


  • Each match will last 10 minutes except for the final which will be 20 minutes.
  • If a match ends in a draw, the match will be restarted on the same map, and the Golden Gib applies (the first player to register a frag wins).
  • If a player suicides during a Golden Gib playoff, a win is awarded to the other player.
  • If at any point of a match a player has a sustained ping of over 350 the match shall be declared void.