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How to Soundproof your Gaming Room

Have you ever been playing CS:GO late at night, maybe been a bit loud after a couple of beers, only to get a bang on the door or a "too loud!" text message from t'other 'alf? Well, here's a basic soundproofing solution to avoid being nagged mid-game...

1) Add a couple of eyelets to a single duvet. This needs to be in the duvet and not the cover, so do it where there's a gap between the fasteners, approximately 9" in from each edge
Soundproof step 1

2) Bash a couple of thin nails (eg 1" panel pins) into the top of the door frame. These should be spaced to match the eyelets in the duvet. You will want the duvet to overlap both side of the door for optimum effect
Soundproof step 2

3) Hang the duvet from the door frame on the eyelets. Do this gently, as the eyelets may break free from the duvet if not careful
Soundproof step 3

4) If the duvet doesn't reach the floor, just stick a pillow across the bottom of the door

5) Enjoy a nag-free evening of CS:GO Soundproof step 4

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