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QuakeWorld Nostalgia
Following an overhaul of the site (SEO URLs and fully responsive) I thought I'd see how many other sites from the BarrysWorld/MCW era were still about. Sadly, hardly any were still there. Here are the ones that I could find:

Quake Champions Closed Beta
A new and updated version of our old favourite Quake is in closed beta, courtesy of Bethesda. Whether we'll be able to play this at the May BobLAN is as yet unknown, but head over to Bethesda to signup for the beta and view screenshots and videos.

New QW Log Viewer
Following the refactor, I felt the site needed a bit more functionality. I remember back in the QW days that there were no tools for parsing the QuakeWorld console logs in a way that could be integrated into a clan website. Now we have one :)

Most of the Match Report pages have a link to view the console log. For an example, see the log of DFC vs NUT. The log rows are colour-coded so you can see the change of fortunes in the match. Things going our way are green, and enemy success is red.

There is also a summary for each player in the match, totaling their contributions, or otherwise :)

E3M1 LOC File Update
Can all clan members please download an updated E3M1 LOC file from the site prior to Tuesday's practice. The one posted prior to Sunday's friendlies has been replaced.

New DFC Skins
Skins for new clan members KillerBean and AngryDaz are now available. Can all clan members please either download them from the Members page (Home skins only), or download the whole Home and Away skin packs from the Skins page.

Cheapo Proxy 2.6
Cheapo Proxy 2.6 is now required for MCW Season 6. Can all clan members ensure that they have this version.

DFC Away Skin Pack Up
Clansmen - the new Away skin pack is now available thanks to DF-EvilGoblin. Go to the Skins page to download them (218KB Zip file)

DFC Clan Server
Desert Fox now have their own Clan Server!
Courtesy of DBs at Barrysworld we have the Kombat Teams mod available 24hrs a day! This supports Team matches for practice/friendlies and Duels for the Clan Ladder. Instructions and passwords will be available to Clan members soon.
Any of our friends out there who would like to borrow it - drop us a line at DFC.

QuakeWorld Update

IMPORTANT - all Clan Members take note:

Barrysworld are upgrading ALL servers to QW 2.30 on Sunday morning, so everyone needs to get the new Client files.

The clients qw230 and qw221 will NOT connect to the others server so as before create a qw230 directory off the root, save the client files in it, amend the qwver.bat and hey presto version switching (if you bothered to set it up in the first place...) ;)