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Version 1.5   [download from Gamershell]   [17/12/2004]

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Call of Duty
United Offensive, the official expansion for Call of Duty, will be available in stores later this week. If the original is anything to go by, then it should be excellent.

It has not been developed by Infinity Ward - the expansion was coded by Gray Matter Studios. That said, it will be of the same style and quality, offering missions as American, British and Soviet again.

The multiplayer side of the game has not been left out either - it will feature 11 new maps and 3 new modes of play.

CoD United Offensive
PC Zone have an put up an interview with the developers of the expansion to the excellent WWII game Call of Duty. As with the original game, the single player campaign will take you through missions as British, American and Russian. The Wolfenstein developers have a hand in United Offensive, with the addition of the flame thrower being a good result of that :)

They have also done a lot of work on adding depth to the multiplayer game. New multiplayer gametypes include Capture the Flag, Tank Battle and Domination. CoD was the natural successor to Medal of Honor, so it will be interesting to see how much they have gone towards the gameplay of BF1942 this time.

Read the full interview here.