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Version 1.3.1   [download from Gamespot]   [02/02/2007]

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Doom 3 Released
Doom 3 was available in stores throughout the UK yesterday. First impressions - fantastic :)

It's got the great gameplay we were hoping for, and a superb atmosphere that makes you jump whwnever you turn a corner. It tops AvP2 for suspense, and that takes some doing.

So what about playability and performance? Well out of the box on my P4 2.4GHz with GeForce 4 Ti4600 GS (ForceWare 61.77), it did seem to struggle at 1280x1024 with suggested settings. A quick trip to the UpsetChaps Doom 3 Tweaks page provided me with a bunch of settings optimised for a 128MB card. Applying these made all the difference. Gameplay was very smooth with no stutter, even when it gets busy. These settings do turn off shadows, which would add a great deal to the game, but I think most people would prefer a smoother game.

All in all, great game. Now it's just a matter of finding time to do it justice :/

Doom 3 Guide
UpsetChaps have published a guide for Doom 3. It covers various gameplay aspects, and also offers some settings for optimum performance for difference PC setups.

Read the Guide here

Doom 3 Hardware
HardOCP have published an article testing ATI and Nvidia graphics cards with the latest Doom 3 demo.

Read the findings on the HardOCP site.