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Game MoH:Pacific Assault (MoHPA)
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Version 1.2   [download from EA Games]   [19/09/2005]

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MoH: Pacific Assault
EA's sequal to Allied Assault has been given a release date of 12th November 2004. This is slightly later than initially planned, but can be considered timely relative to Half-Life 2.

GameSpot have recently been publishing a number of in-game footage movies for download. They look good :)

Medal of Honor : Pacific Assault
More info on the sequal to MOHAA has started to emerge. PC Zone interviewed lead designer Dave Nash to get the latest news on the game, hopefully due out later this year.

From the sounds of it, the game is set to be a big improvement on Allied Assault, including better AI, more driveable vehicles, new weapons and greater squad-based missions.

You can read the full interview here.