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Game Quake 4 (Q4)
Web Site iD Software
Version 1.3   [download from GameSpot]   [31/07/2006]

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Version 1.3 is a point release and adds a new game mode, 8 new maps, 4 modified maps, a new weapon, and a new "buy" mode server option. It is 240MB in size.

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Quake 4
Quake 4 hit the shelves this weekend. So what have the critics had to say about it?

The main focus of the developers was clearly the single player game. It carries on the storyline from Quake 2. This time, you have a squad at your disposal. Team-mate AI is ok but not great. They can do a lot of damage to enemies, but are slow to get out of the way when attacked. The enemy AI is poor in comparison with games such as FarCry and Call of Duty.

The gameplay is very linear, with not much in the way of challenging puzzles.

On the multiplayer side, the game is limited to 16 players. Action comes in the traditional flavours of Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and CTF. It is good, but no better than any other recent multiplayer game on the market, eg all the HL:Source derivatives.

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