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Desert Fox Clan

Icon Team Fortress 2

Game Team Fortress 2 (TF2)
Web Site Valve
Version Steam   [19/10/2007]

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Huge TF2 Update
Valve have released a massive update for Team Fortress 2 today. A whole host of new features have been added, alongside many bug fixes and improvements.

Read the full list of change on Steam News.

Evil Twin TF2 Server
Evil Twin now have a TF2 server that we're free to use: Thanks to Simon (aka ExtremeOne) at ET for the info, and for allowing us to use their servers in general - much appreciated by all at DFC.

Talking of TF2, I spotted in the release notes for yesterday's TF2 update:

Added the ability for servers to have map-specific .cfg files in the cfg folder

If this is engineered into CS:Source, it means we could set map-specific gravity, weapon restrictions etc without mincing around after map-load.