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Game Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (MW2)
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Version 1.0   [10/11/2009]

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MW3 Drops Kill-Streaks
The kill-streak system that rewards players who manage to gain several kills without dying is being replaced by a system that rewards other activities aswell. According to a Shacknews article, Infinity Ward recognised that the kill-streaks in MW and MW2 did not reward players who provided a supporting role.

This sounds like a good idea, and should prove popular at the LAN (if it's out in time). Read the full article on Shacknews.

Also, checkout details of the new game type - Kill Confirmed. In order to confirm a kill, a member of your team has to collect the dog tags from an enemy corpse. Allies can also collect team-mates' dog tags to deny a confirmed kill to the enemy.

Modern Warfare 2 Weekend
Steam are holding a weekend special for Modern Warfare 2. You can play the multiplayer version of the game for free all weekend, and all players will earn double XP.

Visit for more details.

Modern Warfare 2 Updates
A few updates will be applied to MW2 via Steam, primarily aimed at h@x0rs. Details below, courtesy of Steam News
  • Fix for latest texture hacks
  • Fix to prevent players from getting inside geo
  • Fix to prevent players with illegally pirated copies of Modern Warfare 2 from matchmaking with legitimate Modern Warfare 2 players
  • Connection improvements for NAT-PMP routers
  • Fix for "elevator" glitch that allows players to get out of playable area

Modern Warfare 2 Out Today
Today sees the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. This is the sequel to the hugely popular Call of Duty 4, and it's just a shame that it wasn't released a week earlier in time for the LAN. I'm sure it'll feature heavily at the Easter LAN tho :)