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Version Steam   [download from Steam]   [21/08/2012]

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CS:GO Battle Royale
Major changes to CS:GO were implemented this week. As well as the game going free-to-play (with perks for existing game owners), Valve have also added a Battle Royale mode to challenge the likes of PUBG and Fortnite.

Whilst it shares the same principles of last-man-standing with the existing games, it does differ in other ways. There are only 16 players per game (18 in team mode) and each player picks a pre-defined starting point. You can find weapons, ammo etc, but you can also find/steal money with which to buy equipment. Your goods are delivered by drone which can be seen (and shot down) by other players, which will be interesting.

More details can be found on Arstechnica

CS:GO Dust2 Interview
With the revamped version of Dust2 now live, it seemed like a good time to post an interview with the original creator of Dust2. Whilst not involved in the remake, Dave Johnston shares his views on current map making and Dust2's longevity (it was created in 2001!)

Read more on Rock, Paper, Shotgun

CS:GO Dust 2 Refresh
The iconic Dust 2 map is being given an overhaul to bring it in line with the graphical style of more recent maps. You can view the before/after images on

The map is currently in beta, but we should be able to get it in time for BobLAN next month!

CS:GO de_train Overhaul
Valve have been working on an overhaul of one of our old favourite maps - de_train. The visuals have been improved, and the layout updated to promote better teamplay and balance.

For a full description and plenty of screenshots, visit

CS:GO Gameplay Changes
A few changes were made to CS:GO gameplay earlier this week, particularly in relation to sound effects:
  • Changed C4 planting sounds - when planting the bomb, it plays an initialization sound that everyone can hear, but ONLY the player planting will hear the code typing sounds. This makes fake planting possible (similar to fake diffusing as a CT).
  • All items now follow the same pick up sound rules (grenades, C4, weapons, defuse kits, etc):
    • If a player picks up an item while running, it plays a pickup sound that everyone can hear.
    • If a player picks up an item while moving silently, it plays a subtle pickup sound to ONLY the player picking it up.

You can read the full change list on Steam News

CS:GO Chicken Changes
I was trawling back through the CS:GO update list, and spotted this one from a week ago:

Chicken changes based on pro feedback:
  • Reduced chicken sounds dBs and volume.
  • Reduced idle clucking rate.
  • Reduced range that scares chickens when running.
Read full details of this and other changes on Steam News:

CS:GO Update
An update to CS:GO yesterday introduced a bunch of weapon and gameplay changes. Full details can be found at Steam News, but here are a few highlights:
  • Added Silenced M4A1.
  • Added Silenced USP.
  • When a player reloads their weapon, they now drop a magazine that persists in the world.
  • Machine gun belts now visually match the ammo count in the viewmodel when firing and reloading.
  • Added holdable action key +lookatweapon that allows players to visually inspect their first person weapon while in-game. This has been bound to the F key by default (if that key was previously unbound). [Guessing this is in response to being able to buy customised weapons via the new Arms Deal section of Steam Workshop]
  • Players now automatically crouch while planting bombs.

CS:GO Update
Last month, Valve released an update to CounterStrike : Global Offensive which saw the return of one of the original CS maps - cs_militia. This is a hostage rescue map where you can go overground or through tunnels to reach the hostages. Whilst retaining much of the layout of the original, it has been improved to give more attack points for both sides.

In terms of the hostage rescue itself, that has change considerably. One CT can no longer lead all the hostages out in one go - they have to be picked up and carried individually (although rescuing one hostage adds time to the clock). It does make it more realistic, and adds to the tension at the end of the round. Should be a winner at the next LAN :)

Further information can be found on PC Gamer and Steam News

CS:Global Offensive First Info
Valve have provided some good info on the next generation of the Counter-Strike series of games. The launch of CS:GO is slated for 2012, and is still at pre-beta stage.

Here are a few sites offering information on the game: