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Version Steam   [download from Steam]   [30/11/2003]

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Steam and CZ Update
Over the last week, there have been a couple of Steam updates, mostly aimed at Counter-Strike Condition Zero. The updates include the following enhancements to CZ:
  • New high-definition player models
  • New high-definition weapon models
  • New high-definition sound effects
  • New Buy Package system
  • Custom Mission Pack support
There are other enhancements too - read the article on the Steam News page for the full details.

Steam Update - CZ
A Steam update was released a couple of days ago. The update relates to Condition Zero, fixing a few minor bugs. If you haven't played the game online ever, then you should not automatically receive the update.

CS Condition Zero Out
After quite a lengthy wait, the single player version of Counter-Strike is out today. The game will be familiar to all online CS regulars, however there are a few subtle differences in order to make it work in a single player mission-based model.

The progress through the game has a bit of a PGR feel to it, as you earn points and unlock maps by completing objectives, and you spend your points on buying better team mates in the next round.

There are a few new weapons, in fact you may be forgiven for thinking that all the weapons are new. In fact, they have renamed all the old CS weapons for some political correctness reason. The first map you will encounter is Dust.

The tactical elements of the enemy and team AI is excellent. The coders have clearly observed a lot of online play and got most things right. The only weakness is a lack of awareness of what's going on behind them - human players constantly check all around to make sure nobody is sneaking up behind them. The AI doesn't do this too well, although it does pick its camping spots well :/

All in all, a great game.

CS Condition Zero Interview
Gamespot have published an interview with Jess Cliffe of Valve Software. He answers many questions about Counter-Strike : Condition Zero, including news of an imminent release. Hopefully it will hit the shelves before Half-Life 2 is released, as the graphics in HL2 will likely make CS:CZ look very dated.

Read the interview over at Gamespot.

CS Condition Zero Slips
News has reached us that the single player Counter-Strike game - Condition Zero - has slipped until early 2004. There is no firm date for release as yet. More news when we get it.