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Desert Fox Clan

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Game Battlefield 1942 (BF)
Web Site EA Games
Version 1.61b   [download from EA Games]   [01/12/2004]


Desert Combat: v0.7 + DC Final Client

Widescreen Config

Info on how to hack the configs can be found at Remember to do the final bit of the instructions - making the files readonly. Otherwise, it doesn't work.

Icon Recent Battlefield 1942 News

Battlefield Updates
Both BF 1942 ands BF Vietnam have been updated earlier this month. The patches address an exploit that is present in both games. Links to the downloads can be found on our Game Versions and Patches page.

BF1942 Maps
The official Battlefield 1942 web site has published some of the maps in their recent map making contest. The download page is here.

You can download the maps individually, or you can scroll right to the bottom to be offered them all in a single 140MB map pack.

Desert Combat Update
As mentioned in the last news item, the updated version of the BF1942 mod Desert Combat was due out on Friday. It was released on time, and download links are available from

BF1942 v1.6.19 Patch Released
A new patch was released for Battlefield 1942 this weekend - version 1.6.19. Check the EA Games site for the full change log.

Now that GAME.NET has gone, our usual FTP source is no longer available. One decent download source is I got a steady 46KB/s download speed. The full point release is 274MB, and the update from v1.5 is 148MB. Yes, that is correct - they are double the previous patch sizes :/

For those unable to download, mail Mesmer to request a CD with client and server versions on. It is doubtful that both the BF patch and Desert Combat will fit on a single CD now.

Note that GCW have yet to supply an enhanced version :) Also, there are issues regarding Desert Combat and this patch. Version 0.7 of DC is due for release on 6th February.

BF1942 Night Update
The time of the game is 7:30pm on one of DF-Lynx's servers. It'll make a nice change from all this Xbox nonsense :)

BF1942 Night
AngryDaz has organised a Battlefield 1942 / Desert Combat this Friday. Some will be playing on the LAN at Bob's, and several will be coming in over t'internet.

The exact start time has yet to be determined, as has the server address. If there are more than a couple of remote players, then a BW server may be in order.

BF1942 Update
EA have announced that version 1.6 of Battlefield 1942 will be available early in the new year. Changes include various fixes, and the addition of PunkBuster support.

Read the full change list here

Desert Combat Update
A new version of the BF1942 mod Desert Combat is now available. Version 0.5L adds a load more weapons, land vehicles and planes, aswell as a bunch of new maps. The full installation is 542MB.

View the full change list here.

You can download Desert Combat 0.5L from our FTP server, hosted by GAME.NET.

BF1942 v1.5 Patch Released
There is a new patch out for Battlefield 1942 - version 1.5. Installing this patch should not affect any mods you may have installed (eg Desert Combat).

Download now from our FTP Server. The full point release is 143MB, and the update from v1.45 is 46MB.

Desert Combat Updated
A new version of the BF1942 mod Desert Combat is now available. Version 0.4j is a lot bigger than previous versions - the full installation is 573MB.

Changes include new planes (F15c and Mirage), new vehicles, weapons and 3 new maps. Plenty of bug fixes and minor alterations to existing weapons, views etc. View the full change list here.

You can download Desert Combat 0.4j from our FTP server, hosted by GAME.NET.