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Game Age of Mythology (AoM)
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Version 1.10   [download from Microsoft]   [01/05/2004]

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Age of Mythology Extended Out Now
As reported recently, an updated version of Age of Mythology has been in the pipeline. The game became available on the Steam Store yesterday for the princely sum of £22.99 (or £67.99 for a 4-pack). That does appear to be quite expensive for a makeover to a game from a decade ago.

Age of Mythology Extended
Following on from the recent makeover given to Age of Empires II, it is Age of Mythology that's next to receive the treatment. An article on Eurogamer lists the PC requirements for the release which is due this May. There is also a short trailer showing the graphical enhancements and features of the game.

One of the key elements could be the Steam Workshop integration, which would mean easy access to community maps - great for LAN party use!

Age of Mythology Expansion
Ensemble Studios today released The Titans - an expansion to their popular RTS game Age of Mythology.

The expansion beings a new mythology to the game - Atlanteans. These can dominate their opponents, promote selected units to Hero status, and have the ability to control time and space.

There is also a new single player story featuring the new mythology, as well as a new victory condition - create a Titan.

The RRP of £24.99 is a bit steep for an expansion pack, but no doubt it will prove as popular as the expansions to the previous Age of Empires games did.