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Version 1.4   [download from Ubisoft]   [23/10/2002]

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Ghost Recon 3 Delay
Ubisoft have announced that Ghost Recon 3 will not ship this year. It is likely to be released in Feb 2006. The reason given was so they could optimise the game for the Xbox 360 platform. However, all platforms are reported to be delayed til next year.

Ghost Recon 3 on PC
The new installment of Ghost Recon, titled Advanced Warfighter, is now set for release on the PC aswell as the Xbox 360. This is great news, as we were big fans of the original, and disappointed by the dumbed down consoleness of GR2.

The game is scheduled for release at the end of October, and PC Zone have posted some screenshots from both platforms. Looks good :)

Ghost Recon 3 Movie
Ubisoft have released a movie of in-game action from the third game in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon series. The movie is fantastic and well worth a look. It is just over 15MB and can be downloaded from Ubisoft.

Ghost Recon 3 is due to be released this November, and will initially be available on the new XBox 360 console.

Ghost Recon 2 Movie
Ubisoft have made available a new Ghost Recon 2 movie featuring in-game footage with commentary by designer Christian Allen. The game looks good, however it does have more of an arcade game feel than the original.

The movie shows the various vehicles in the game, controlling a fixed gun to take down a helicopter, and calling in an airstrike. Funnily enough, there wasn't a clip of the whole team lying down in the road being pushed along by an APC :)

Download the movie - 25MB from Ubisoft's ftp.

Ghost Recon 2
The sequel to the realistic strategy FPS Ghost Recon is soon to be available. Reports show that the console versions will be available in November this year, with the PC version coming out early 2005.

Most of the industry news sites have posted articles on what the game is to be like. These can be read at Eurogamer, PC Zone and GameSpot. Those that didn't play the original seem to like the sequel, whereas those who were fans of Ghost Recon were concerned that it may be dummed down for a mass market audience. Having to read the manual for a game these days simply will not do :/ Surely publishers will have learned that lesson following all the negative feedback to the "sequel" of Deus Ex. Maybe not.