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CS: Source Weapons Updates
Valve applied a raft of changes to the weapons in CounterStrike Source at the end of last week. Changes include accuracy tweaks when crouched and running, shotgun range and damage, various weapon animations, and much more. The full list of changes is on Steam News.

A second update on the same day saw some Source engine changes, plus a bunch of TF2 enhancements.

Easter Steam Updates
Steam have released updates to the Steam Client, the Orange Box version of the Source engine, and a major update to TF2. You can read the full details of all these updates on the following Steam News pages:

OB Engine and TF2 Updates
OB Engine and TF2 Updates part 2
Steam Client Updates

These are pretty big updates, so all LAN attendees should try to update before they come.

CS: Source Updates
Valve have released a further set of gameplay and bug fixes to CounterStrike: Source, following the major update a couple of weeks ago. Here's a quote from the Steam News article about the updates:

An update on the Update
The reason for the recent update was to move Counter-Strike Source (CSS) from the older HL2 version of the Source engine to the most recent version. This brings the CSS codebase in-line with our other games. This resolves long standing issues associated with the older engine and allows us to benefit from features and bug fixes in other source games as they come online, such as improved graphic effects and more accurate hit registration.

Read the full article, which lists all the enhancements made in this update.

CS: Source Update Live
The CS:Source update that has been in beta for the past month went live for all users earlier this week. It is a major overhaul that should breathe new life into this old game.

As well as gameplay and graphical changes, the main addition is the achievements system. There are 144 different achievements, some easy to obtain and some will be very difficult.

The complete list of changes can be found on Steam News. For a list of all the new achievements, have a look at the Global Achievements Stats.

CS Source - Major Update in Beta
Valve have released details of the beta of a major update to CS Source - the first in many years. Features include 144 achievements, lifetime player stats and summary screens, match stats, improved scoreboard, gameplay additions and the inclusion of many recent Source engine updates.

Given that we do still play CS Source at BobLAN, I'm sure this will be of interest to the clan.

Full details can be found in this Steam News article.

Evil Twin CS Server Closed
Evil Twin have stopped playing CounterStrike, and are now concentrating on Team Fortress 2. Their CS:Source server will disappear very soon as a result. This is really disappointing news for DFC as we used the ET server for our regular Friday night games. The 3 vs 3 knockout tournament will also clearly be cancelled.

I've put links to their new TF2 server, and also a link to DFC's TF2 HLStatsX page on our Friday Gaming page. Any suggestions for a new regular CS:Source server are welcome. KM's server is still on the go, and with a decent player count, so that's a possibility.

HLStatsX Score Reset
Evil Twin have reset their HLStatsX scores for CounterStrike. The new DFC clan scores can be found on the Evil Twin HLStatsX site

Evil Twin - New Server
Evil Twin have a new CS:Source server on - add this to your favourites.

Evil Twin Server
Evil Twin are currently without public CS:Source server. This also means the 3 vs 3 competition is on hold whilst they secure another server.

The good news is that their HLStatsX site and database seem to be intact. Indeed they look to have fixed the issue where [DF]Lynx appeared to be on top of the DFC clan rankings :p

Evil Twin 3 vs 3 Competition
Our friends at Evil Twin are organising a knockout CS:Source competition. The games will be 3 vs 3 (squad size is at least 4 players) and the map will be cs_office. DFC have entered a squad - Pup, Lynx, AngryDaz and Mesmer. If anyone else wants to play, then let me know.

Details of the event are being kept updated on the Evil Twin Forums, and I'll post info relevant to DFC in our own forums.