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Desert Fox Clan

Friday Night is Gaming Night

This page provides a bunch of links and tools that will be useful on a gaming night. Clan members should logon to see more options.

CS:GO Steam Community Maps

There are loads of community map collections easily available on Steam. To install them on the client, launch the Steam Client and follow these steps:

  • Select Library
  • Select CS:GO (or whichever game you want to download maps for)
  • Click Browse the Workshop button
  • Select the Collections tab
  • Search for the map type, eg "Arms Race"
  • Select the collection you want
  • Click the Subscribe to All button
  • Wait whilst the maps download, then start the game

To install these on the server, you need to visit the Community section for the individual game in a browser, as you need to extract the IDs out of the querystrings. Here are some known game community pages:

Server setup instructions:

  • Click one of the links above
  • Select the Collections tab
  • Perform the same search as above to find the collection
  • Copy the ?id= querystring from the URL - this is the collection ID
  • Click on the first map
  • Copy the ?id= querystring from the URL - this is the map ID
  • Create a server shortcut tbc

Servers Connection Info