Desert Fox Clan
Desert Fox Clan


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Name : Sean Walsh Clan : not in one Date : 14th September 1999
Hi I was here 1999, want to know if I can join a team or clan?

Name : anil eapen Clan : torque Date : 9th August 1999

Name : CombatJoe Clan : Oblivion Date : 9th July 1999
Nice site, I have no idea why I am signing this, but I have a thing for guestbooks. I will almost definitely never see you.


Name : graZe Clan : PyroManiax Date : 27th June 1999
No comment

Name : Barry Gibb Clan : Psychonauts Date : 20th June 1999
Nice site girlz - congrats on promotion :)

Name : Sokem Clan : iC Date : 17th June 1999

[iC] you have no formatting on guestbook entrys

(I did it 4 u :) - Luv`n`Hugs, Wij)

Name : Sokem Clan : iC Date : 17th June 1999

OI! You can`t insult us on your page it`s against the rules.

You may have thought it was lame for us to use the sp00n for the last 15 mins of the game and we did do it because we were losing but what does it matter because you beat us in the first game anyway so if you had lost you would of made an issue of it.

stop taking quake so seriously u numnuts play it for fun (if at all) and have in div3 where we are`nt :)


[iC] you love us really

[iC] sp00n for victory!

[iC] you want a game on a decent map?

[iC] that the last two [iC]`s don`t fit but I don`t care

Name : Dr Skon Clan : DF Date : 28th May 1999
Where are those recipes Terry?

Name : Woolley Clan : QFF Date : 22nd May 1999
lol fox of the week is funneh! check our site at , as the name suggests we 0wn! :))))

Name : Mr Fat-Lard-Arse Clan : None Date : 19th May 1999
I feel the site is missing a recipe section. You can never have too much non-Quake content on a Quake site.....gets the less geeky types visiting.

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