Desert Fox Clan
Desert Fox Clan


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Name : Nasher Clan : Quake wizzzards Date : 17th September 1998
thanx for the friendly, I hope we can play you again soon :) also, this webpage is SO VERY COOL!!!!!!!!!! and ur skins rock!!!! God, u have to be the sexiest and coolest clan around :) Nash

Name : Fox Clan : TE Date : 12th August 1998
Nice web page I like the Title best.. er like u care anyway :c)

Name : Toby Clan : 4K Date : 12th August 1998
Go Mirrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage =) Nice webby btw :)

Name : MM_BelgarioN Clan : Mere Mortals Date : 11th August 1998
Very good site and well laid out.

Name : GazMan Clan : DEE EFF Date : 11th August 1998
Looking very sexy boys.... You could make a lot of money doing this!

Name : Fred West Clan : Cromwell Street Diggers Date : 10th August 1998
Now what`s all this I hear about one of your clan being my twin brother....?

Name : DF-Mesmer Clan : DFC Date : 7th August 1998
Good effort against NUT lads - maybe we`ll do better in the cup :) This is DF-Mesmer in the Ontario Science Centre signing off.

Name : TedTheDog Clan : BW Date : 6th August 1998
So, when you gonna replace the rather crappy Barrysworld guestbook with this snappy little number then? :)

Name : Evil Goblin Clan : DFC Date : 3rd August 1998
cracking site especially like those funny little foxes, magic, pure magic !!!

Name : DBs Clan : BW Date : 31st July 1998
The site is coming along nicely now, like some of the technologies that you are beginning to use. Oh did I mention that the guys at DFC are doing my booking system for BarrysWorld. What a nice bunch they are, now where are those foxy ladies..............

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