Desert Fox Clan
Desert Fox Clan

DFC Ladder Rules

  • A clansman may challenge another clansman upto 400 points above or below him.
  • A clansman cannot challenge the same player in consecutive games on the same day, however the losing player of a match can request a rematch on the same day.
  • A clansman cannot refuse a valid challenge.
  • Failure to play a match within 7 days will result in a win being awarded to the challenger, provided that the challenger has made himself available for the match.
  • Each match will last 10 minutes.
  • The map is to be decided on by the lower ranked player.
  • Scores will be calculated using the US Chess Federation Rating Algorithm. You gain more points by beating someone above you than someone below you.
  • Fair play will be assumed, however if it becomes apparent that skullduggery is afoot, a referee will be appointed.
  • Bullying of lower ranked players will not be tolerated and will be met with stiff penalties.
  • If at any point of a match a player has a sustained ping of over 350, the match shall be declared void.