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Desert Fox Clan

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BobLAN October 2003
The date for the next BobLAN has been set - it is the weekend of 24th October. (The clocks go back that weekend, so we get a bonus hour :)). Running from Friday to Sunday, the LAN should see the usual mix of FTP, RTS and driving games, aswell as pizza, curry, rinky dink and beer.

All clansmen are welcome, and please make sure you generate us some pizza money by buying stuff from our affiliates.

Expected software versions:
  • BF1942 - 1.45.18
  • Desert Combat - 0.4j
  • HalfLife - (Steam)
  • CounterStrike - 1.6 (Steam)
  • MOHAA - 1.11
  • Ghost Recon - 1.4

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