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GAME.NET Announces Closure
Yet another sad day for online gaming in the UK sees GAME.NET, formerly BarrysWorld, announce their closure. BarrysWorld have come close to going before, but have always managed to survive. Alas, not this time.

This has an impact on DFC on various levels. Firstly, this web site is hosted by GAME.NET, so we'll have to find a new home.
Secondly, a number of DFC members work for GAME.NET, and worked for BarrysWorld before that. DF-Trebz is being made redundant, so our thoughts are with him.

Parts of the BarrysWorld experience will live on however. The community is being rebuilt in its ancestral home of FreddysHouse. Most BW regulars have already registered and are happily posting the drivel we've come to know and love :)

All good things...

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