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BobLAN 2007.1 Roundup
Another great LAN came to an end last weekend - thanks go to Bob for hosting once again :)

A good range of games were played, and with the arival of Wii and PS3 since the last LAN, console games proved very popular. Here's the list of stuff that was played:
  • Battlefield 2142 - this was a newcomer to BobLAN, and once it was all installed and setup, was a great hit. It managed to provide a tense finish to one particular game, which finished 0-2
  • Battlefield 1942 - this was played on the Thursday evening when t'internet was down preventing Steam auth, and Pup wasn't around with any other servers. It was still a fun game though depite its age and relative slowness compared to Desert Combat, Battlefield 2 etc.
  • CounterStrike - the perennial favourite, and with improved VIP support and Deathmatch mod, was played a lot.
  • Call of Duty 2 - great game and not played as much as it should have been. We've setup a proper dedicated server for next time, so hopefully it'll get more play time.
  • Company of Heroes - the game should have lasted hours. It actually lasted around 20 minutes. One team was still mincing around with foot soldiers when quatoria's lot sent in tanks and rocket launchers. RTS games really do need a fairly even level of experience across all players.
  • QuakeWorld - a quick Team Deathmatch game was all that was played this time. No CTF unfortunately. It might be our age, but it looks to be getting faster every year :/
  • Airfix Dogfighter - this game stopped working when we upgraded beyond Pentium II a few years ago. However, when Bob tried it the other week, it worked again. It might have been a DirectX update or graphics driver fix - who knows. The network code proved a bit flakey as some people couldn't join. Fun game tho.
On the console gaming front, Wii Sports Tennis and Bowling on the projector was great fun. We also had two Guitar Hero II sets, and were able to play both together.

A few photos were taken, which I'll be putting up in the gallery soon.

Update: photos uploaded to the Gallery.

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