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BobLAN 2011.2 Roundup
Time certainly flies when you're having fun. The most impressive thing this time round was the attendance - games routinely had 6 or 7 players on each team, which is great for the likes of TF2 and Day of Defeat. The range of games was also good this time - from the old classic QuakeWorld through to the latest games like BF3 and MW3 (albeit not with everyone playing).

The surprise hit was HalfLife 2 Deathmatch - a game we've all had for years but never played. There's something insanely satisfying in killing someone by hurling a toilet at them with the gravity gun :) The other popular newcomer to BobLAN was the driving game GRID. Bean spotted this on offer on Steam a few months back, and most people picked up a copy.

The old LAN favourite CS GunGame worked this time. Games are pretty quick, so it's a good one to fill a half-hour gap whilst waiting for the food to arrive.

Missing out this time were all forms of UT, Battlefield and Call of Duty (apart from a couple of people playing BF3 and MW3 online).

A BobLAN roundup can't be considered complete without a mention of the host - thanks from everyone to Bob for all the preparation and hard work that goes into it - very much appreciated fella :)

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