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BobLAN 2015.2 Roundup
There goes another top weekend of gaming, food, beer etc. As always, huge thanks to DFC-Lynx (aka Bob) for hosting the event in such an organised manner. Retirement is obviously having its benefits :)

It was great to see everyone there this weekend, especially Foxy, Brad and Jason who had travelled a long way to make the event.

So what about the gaming? The big hit this time was newcomer Rocket League - a 4v4 football game where you each drive a car to knock the ball around. We ran a mini league, which proved to be incredibly tense towards the end. We also played quite a bit of CS:GO, BF3 and GRID. QuakeWorld made a brief appearance, but there was no room this time for TF2, Day of Defeat or HalfLife2 DM.

Trebz brought along his usual selection of board and card games, and we took time out to watch the shambles that was England playing rugby against the Aussies.

I am hoping to get a copy of the final Rocket League spreadsheet, which will go up on the BobLAN 2015.2 page, along with the completed schedule.

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