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BobLAN 2017.1 Roundup
This weekend saw a few new games enter service, with a few old favourites falling by the wayside. By far the most popular newcomer was Titanfall 2, which saw many hours of gameplay. DOOM also made a good showing. We did try Battlefield 1 but only for a couple of hours. Not sure why - it played really well and the visuals were stunning. Similarly, we only played the Quake Champions beta for a short time. CS:GO and GRiD Autosport proved as popular as ever, and the Rocket League tournaments returned (albeit with a good deal of mincing between matches)

Games that didn't feature included Day of Defeat, HalfLife DM, Team Fortress 2, Battlefield 3 and Left4Dead. However, the biggest surprise was the return of Unreal Tournament 2004, last played in 2009. We hadn't played it for a while as it didn't work with more recent versions of Windows, but somehow it worked fine in Windows 10.

Needless to say, the hosting of the LAN was awesome - great work Bob and Lynda! It was also great to catch up with all the guys who travelled from far and wide to be here. Let the countdown begin to the Autumn BobLAN!

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