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BobLAN 2019.2 Roundup
The roundup this time comes courtesy of Pup's post to the BobLAN Geeks group:

Awesome BobLAN as always.

Great to see lots of smiley faces. Really enjoyed the gaming:
  • Wrestfest (apart from my unlocking strop)
  • RocketLeague (Unstopable partnership with DBoy as ever)
  • Battlefield 1 (that bloody last room!!)
  • Counterstrike (fine... but losing its appeal)
  • Jedi Whatsit (you need a bit of single player to chill out to)
  • Ticket to ride (Wij getting upset that someone else would possibly dare to take his route)
  • Table football (great blast from the past)
  • THE PLANK (oh my god!!)
  • and I’m sure a couple more.
Pleased that day of defeat didn’t show its face. Felt odd not to play any Grid!

Food. Great breakfast. Loving the haggis. Shame about the pizzas. Chinese excellent.

Fastest clean up for a while - even if it did sometimes seem like a never ending vacuuming task for T-Dog

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