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Black Mesa 1.0
Friday saw the release of the first non-beta version of Black Mesa, complete right to the finale. There have been many fixes and improvements over the recent Xen update, including an overhaul of the opening menu screens and the addition of a quicksave option.

As with previous updates, this one breaks compatibility with previous saved games. If you were part-way through the game, you can start at any chapter you like (albeit with a default set of weapons, ammo and health, and not with what you had before).

Overall feedback is very positive, particularly on the earlier levels. However, the difficulty of Gonarch's Lair is ridiculous, and has caused many to post on the forums that it's taken the fun out of it. For my part, I spent about half an hour on that level at the weekend and couldn't get anywhere with it, so looks likely that I will have to skip to the next chapter which is a shame.

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