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BobWAN 2020.1 Roundup
The first ever virtual BobLAN event took place this weekend, and I think everyone will agree it was a complete success. Of course, one of the major aspects of the real BobLANs is just being there in person to catch up with everyone and enjoy the food and drink that's on offer. That said, Discord came to the rescue and we had 19 people on the video chat at one point - not only an amazing turnout but remarkable that the technology held up, even whilst gaming.

On the gaming front, some games worked better than others. Here's a rundown of what we played and how it went:
  • CS:GO - Pup did a great job of setting up the servers on his AWS account, and this was the go-to game throughout the weekend. Even the scripted game mode changing process worked smoothly, as did the new map selection we tried
  • Wreckfest - the other favourite throughout the weekend performed flawlessly. No dedicated server, but we were able to spin it up on a client PC and with the appropriate firewall ports mapped it worked a treat
  • GRID Autosport - we only had one go on this, but it was quite good fun
  • Rocket League - the tournament was fun, but a little one-sided. Well done Foxy and DBoy!!
  • Battlefield 1 - didn't feature much but we enjoyed playing it. The maps are just too big for the numbers we usually have available
  • Battlefield V - for some reason, we really didn't enjoy this and it's unlikely we'll play it again. Shame, seeing as it wasn't cheap
  • Snow Runner - watching Foxy drive the truck round was actually quite addictive!
So there you have it - BobWAN in a nutshell. To view the full schedule of what we played, who attended and links to the photos head over to the BobWAN 2020.1 page. Hopefully the next one will be a physical event, but we now know that we can do it remotely if required.

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