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ESL One Cologne 2020 Results
The various regional grand finals took place yesterday, with Herioc coming out on top of the European group. Here are all the grand final results:
  • Herioc 3 - 0 Team Vitality (Europe)
  • Tyloo 3 - 1 ViCi Gaming (Asia)
  • Renegades 3 - 0 Avant Gaming (Australia and Oceania)
  • Team Liquid 2 - 3 Evil Geniuses (North America)
This is a great result for Herioc, the draw being wide open after NIP beat Astralis in the quarters, and then NIP going out 2-0 to Vitality in the semis.

Anyone watching on Twitch would have noticed the setups of each team - very impressive, and definitely not cheap. It goes to show just how much money there is in elite e-sports right now!

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