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Undervolting a 3080
It is a well known fact that the new Nvidia 3000 series graphics cards run hot. That's not a good thing - heat means faster, louder fans, more ambient heat which may affect the CPU, and fluctuations in core clock as it gets throttled and unthrottled. There is a simple way to reduce heat without sacrificing much performance - undervolting.

We've seen this work very well on recent Ryzen chips, and it also works well on graphics cards. Following the instructions in the link below, I have reduced core temps by about 6-7 degrees, fan speed never exceeds 50% and even the coil whine seems to have been eliminated. I ended up with 825mV at 1800MHz which has so far proved stable in Port Royal, Control (RTX+DLSS) and Battlefield V (RTX). It takes a couple of hours, although most of that is letting the Port Royal stress test run to completion several times.

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