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BobLAN 2021.4 Roundup
When we pencilled in the date for this BobLAN, it was more in hope than expectation. As the day drew nearer we dared to dream, but excellent planning and a strict vaccination/testing regime meant the event went ahead with no issues whatsoever.

And what an event it was! Gaming aside, it was just great to see everyone again for the first time in nearly two years - hopefully it won't be as long to the next one!

Here are a few highlights of the weekend:
  • Wednesday night as a sleep over night
  • Mass testing of attendees
  • Setup night curries and Friday pulled pork sandwiches
  • Finding out that Bob had a crochet lawn. Who knew?!
  • Trebz breaking crockery with his arse powers from 2 metres away and blaming Themy
  • Themy deciding to check if the Quooker tap really did produce boiling water
  • Scenes when Trebz got his first chicken dinner
  • Mesmer's addiction to tea
  • Quatoria discovering he wasn't Russcky's favourite victim
  • Pup bringing 20+ bottles of DFC branded hand sanitiser
  • Daz awarding Pup his very own Dobby the House Elf crochet set
  • Shenanigans with crisps and keyboards
  • First Pup Quiz physical award
  • Revelation that Lynda runs the BobLAN from a spreadsheet
  • Themy calculating that if you spend the same amount on petrol but at a higher price per litre, you get...less petrol
  • The inception of BobLan Premium, which may or may not include ladies
  • Finally playing CoD Warzone - on about our 4th attempt, only for it to last around 15 minutes
  • Themy's DayZ disaster
  • The takeaway deliveries actually being accurate
  • Bob's internet and electrical circuits holding up the entire weekend
Of course none of this would have happened without Bob and Lynda - huge thanks from all of us for a special weekend! Don't forget - £25 per day to Bob to cover costs please!!!

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