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BobLAN 2022.2 Roundup
Another brilliant weekend comes to an end, but we will always have the memories. Here are a few of the standout moments from the event:
  • Pup's floppy nipple
  • Bob's bad back :(
  • Trebz's keyboard woes - wired FTW
  • Themy and the PUBG emergency pickup
  • Postman Tap?!
  • Daz's egg count fail
  • Voltsa only lasting half an hour in CS:GO on his first day
  • The intense Splitgate match
  • Playing Codenames on the PC because it was "quicker" than setting up the board game
  • Themy's pot of money at the side of his bed
  • Ordering techniques in the Pup Quiz
  • Themy booting the front panel off his PC
  • Mesmer leaving the hot glue gun to cool - in the sun
  • Bob, Pup and Bean playing Sam Fox Strip Poker
  • Pizza and Pi
  • Quatoria running off in Back4Blood. Again
  • Questionable stocks of Vocation beer
  • Unquestionable quality breakfasts
For a reminder of the gaming schedule and a link to some photos, head to the BobLAN 2022.2 page

No roundup would be complete without thanks to the hosts - amazing effort once again Bob and Lynda, all despite you buggering up your back a week before. Also thanks to Braddy and Max for bringing the Scottish food and the crispy buns!

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