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Warzone Season 5
Season 5 of Modern Warfare 2 Warzone 2 arrives today with a few new very interesting features. You can read the full release note here but these are the highlights for DMZ:
  • Disguise Field Upgrade - Built for pure stealth engagements, the Disguised Field Upgrade allows you to appear as a member of a DMZ Combatant (AI) Faction. Equip the Disguise and DMZ Combatants of the same faction will not attack unless you blow your cover and act aggressively towards them.
  • Battle Revive - An experimental stimulant offering an adrenaline rush as you complete a self-revive: A Self-Revive mixed with pure Battle Rage! After using it to get up from Last Stand, it immediately activates Battle Rage’s effects, allowing you to heal more quickly. The Tactical Sprint is also constantly refreshed for a short period of time.
  • Self-Revive Box - Much like an Armour Box, this Field Upgrade holds multiple Self-Revive Kits. Perfect for squad-based infiltrations.
  • Scuba Gas Mask - This is a Gas Mask that also acts as a Rebreather, providing protection from radioactive winds, gas, and allows for underwater breathing for an extended period of time.

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