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Warzone Season 6 Notes
Following yesterday's release of Modern Warfare 2 Season 6, it turns out there are far more changes than expected. Some of the Buy Station items have risen massively in price, with an Advanced UAV rising from $12k to $200k. Large Backpacks and 3-Plate Carriers have almost doubled in price whilst the Ammo Box has risen by 5x its original price.

Many weapons have seen buffs and nerfs, with most of the buffs going to the less popular weapons in a bid to bring them back into use. There is also a definite split between MWII and Warzone with how the weapons are balanced.

Another major change is that assimilation can now only result in a maximum squad size of four rather than six. Yes, it will help combat Chinese pre-made platoons but won't help squads that get wiped. This and the AUAV price will definitely favour solo players however, which is no bad thing following previous changes that harmed solos.

Plenty of bugs have been fixed, but it would come as no surprise if plenty new ones have been introduced. As stated in the terms and conditions, this is still a beta after all!

Read the full patch notes on callofduty.com

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