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Counter-Strike 2 Is Here
Counter-Strike Global Offensive has been one of the longest serving multiplayer games there has ever been, having been originally released back in 2012. It has been a mainstay of BobLANs, and more recently Friday Night Gaming courtesy of Pup's cloud servers. However its time is up, and overnight it was replaced in Steam by Counter-Strike 2, based on a modern engine and featuring many new graphical and gameplay improvements.

All that said, it is expected that the majority of the gameplay will still feel familiar to CSGO players and the transition should be seamless provided your PC has the clout to maintain a high frame rate in the more demanding game.

If you want to see some comparisons between CSGO and CS2, then I recommend watching the videos on 3kliksphilip, who provides some great analysis of how maps and gameplay have changed throughout the CS2 beta programme.

Will we still be playing CS2 in 13 years time? Who knows, and maybe then it will be the next next generation taking us pensioners to the cleaners every Friday night :D

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