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BobLAN 2023.2 Roundup
Another superb BobLAN comes to an end and sadly, we must all return to normal life :( We didn't play any new games this time (unless you count CS2) but we did maximise our gaming time quite well. We had some good, close CS2 matches between the two rooms - not quite the same without stats but still fun. Hopefully by the next LAN they will have sorted things like Arms Race, Demolition and the plugins that we need to make it our own.

We revisited Team Fortress 2 and PUBG this LAN, and both went down well. That said, PUBG looks really clunky after playing things like MW2 this past year. Battlefield 1 and 2042 worked very well - we didn't play these enough in my opinion.

As for driving, it was the usual Wreckfest and GRID - both firm favourites for drivers and non-drivers alike.

Food was top-notch as ever, as was the company and banter. A massive thank you to Bob and Lynda for hosting us all once again - truly appreciated by all.

Counting down to the next BobLAN in May 2024...

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