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DMZ Update
Over 6 months after ending updates for DMZ as a game mode in Call of Duty, it actually received a patch yesterday. The change is to disable the disguise, as it has been used as an exploit vector. Not the greatest of changes, but it is interesting that they chose to fix this glitch whilst leaving many worse glitches unpatched.

DMZ is still a very popular game mode, with youtubers such as Phixate, On1c and Sthorm Operator producing regular content. The developers have already said that the MW3 Zombies mode will stop receiving new content, and the general feel for the new Rebirth Island map is lukewarm at best. Of all the game modes, DMZ has the best longevity due to the mix of playing styles and friendliness/toxicity you will meet, and the fact that each game is unique. Long may it continue!

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