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BobLAN 2024.1 Roundup
Another BobLAN comes to an end, and this one was rather special with it being the host's 60th birthday event. As always, great company, food, facilities and above all the hospitality shown by Bob and Lynda - amazing as usual!!!

We didn't play too much in the way of new games - Helldivers 2 and The Finals being the only newcomers (although we had played The Finals a couple of times during the year). Everyone seemed to enjoy them, so definitely ones to play again. We had the usual mix of Battlefield 1, CS2, Call of Duty, Wreckfest, Grid, Codenames and Rockband. We did give PUBG a go on a private server, but after playing the newer FPS games, PUBG feels sluggish and somehow just wrong. There is talk of them switching to the Unreal 5 engine which should really help, but maybe one to drop from the roster. You can see the full list of games played on the dedicated BobLAN 2024.1 page.

One of the highlights of the LAN for a few of us was the mini hackathon in our bid to get HLStats working on CS2. I am pleased to announce that we did it eventually. Maybe not in time for it to see much use this time, but definitely promising for future events.

Massive thanks again to Bob and Lynda for all that you do - it means so much to us all. The next LAN starts on 14th November 2024 - counting down already...

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