Desert Fox Clan
Desert Fox Clan

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Game Server Maps

CS:GO CS:GO Map Groups

Server-based map groups are configured in Steam\cs_go\csgo\gamemodes_server.txt
Community-based map groups are configured within the Steam Community web pages

  • Server: mg_boblan (office, italy, dust2, train, inferno, dust, azte, nuke, vertigo)
  • Server: mg_delta (mirage, inferno, train, overpass, nuke, cache)
  • Server: mg_sigma (vertigo, zoo, abbey, biome, cbble, canals)
  • Server: mg_boblan_ar (monastery, shoots, baggage)
  • Server: mg_boblan_full_ar (monastery, shoots, baggage, lunacy, dizzy)
  • Server: mg_boblan_full_cs (agency, assault, italy, militia, office, anubis, bank, cache, canals, cbble, chlorine, dust2, inferno, lake, mirage, nuke, overpass, safehouse, shortdust, shortnuke, stmarc, sugarcane, train, vertigo)
  • Community: DFC Classic (exec map_daz.cfg or +host_workshop_collection 674949233 +workshop_start_map 567180155)
  • Community: DFC Favourites (exec map_daz.cfg or +host_workshop_collection 2431432649 +workshop_start_map 567180155)
  • Community: DFC Large Pack (exec map_daz.cfg or +host_workshop_collection 675102816 +workshop_start_map 567180155)
  • Community: DFC Angry Arms Race (exec map_daz_ar.cfg or +host_workshop_collection 2262562045)
  • Community: Mesmer Casual Classic (exec map_mes.cfg or +host_workshop_collection 674949233 +workshop_start_map 567180155)
  • Community: HQ Classic (exec map_hq.cfg or +host_workshop_collection 1687779581 +workshop_start_map 174668691)

Steam Steam Community Maps

There are loads of community map collections easily available on Steam. To install them on the client, launch the Steam Client and follow these steps:

  • Select Library
  • Select CS:GO (or whichever game you want to download maps for)
  • Click Browse the Workshop button
  • Select the Collections tab
  • Search for the map type, eg "Arms Race"
  • Select the collection you want
  • Click the Subscribe to All button
  • Wait whilst the maps download, then start the game

To install these on the server, just start the server with the correct +host_workshop_collection value and it will automatically download all the maps it doesn't already have.

W Wreckfest Tracks

These are the mods that contain the track packs required:

  • Navigate to Settings | Mods
  • Search for the Very Track Pack
  • Add and enable this mod
  • Restart Wreckfest when prompted

Steam Other Steam Communities

Here are all the Steam communities that relate to games DFC play:

Navigate to the Workshop tab in each one to find maps, tracks etc