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Steam Holiday Sale 2017
The annual Steam Holiday Sale is now on, running into early January. Visit the Steam Store to pickup a bargain, or at least something costing a little less than usual!

Asus Merlin Firmware 380.69
Independent driver developer Merlin has released version 380.69 for all supported models of Asus router. The update includes various fixes and security enhancements, plus the ability to disable Asus NAT tunnelling (a CPU and memory hog)

Read the full changelog on Merlin's site

PUBG 1.0 Only a Week Away
The much anticipated full release of what is the world's most popular game is scheduled for 20th December 2017. The full version will bring several new features, including the new desert map Miramar, new vehicles (the jetski sounds fun) and some new weapons, for example a sawn off shotgun to occupy a sidearm slot, and a Winchester rifle. The ability to jump over small obstacles will also make its debut.

You can read plenty about it on pcgamesn and also on Gamespot

BobLAN 2017.2 Roundup
Great gaming...
  • Loving the PUBG, a fantastic concept - let's hope they tidy up some of the rough edges. Great tactics by Thembot. But need microphones, even in same room - so you can hear footsteps and team chatter.
  • Battlefront II a bit of a mixed bag. Some great potential - but you're essentially just running in for kills until you get able to play as a special (AT-AT, BobbaFett, A-Wing, etc) which is where the real fun seems to be. And not good for groups - no one likes spending 15 minutes in a queue
  • CS - standard. A couple of tweaks for next time - would nice to be able to play dust 1. Would like grenades included (or the ability to do so) in gun game
  • Grid - standard. Very inclusive.
  • Rock Band - standard
  • Rocket league - standard. Always enjoy. Could probably have played more of it
  • Doom - great fun for a blast
  • battleborn - doesn't even boot. Couldn’t get working. Shame - might have been fun (and free)
  • Overwatch - still a bit too expensive for wide spread play - maybe one to try next time as a TF2 style game
  • Fuzz ball - had a game with Shane. Seems to get neglected these days
  • Battlefield 1 - enjoyed, but we didn’t seem to play much?

Other bits...
  • Graphics - anything in the 10x0 range of cards will rock any game at the moment
  • Hardware - ASUS ROG 27 monitor continues to be the monitor of the Lanners... 1440p is a great Res without impacting frame rate too much
  • Network - killed a few times by big install copies - let's try and get the game list circulated and agree a little sooner next time
  • People - would be completely remiss not to say that the real highlight of every LAN is the people... awesome to see you all

And finally, how could we forget Rockband Bohemian Rhapsody - view the evidence on youtube

BobLAN 2017.2 Update
The Autumn 2017 BobLAN is well underway. Games played so far include CS:GO, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Battlefield 1 and GRiD Autosport. We're averaging 6-a-side, which is great fun. More updates to follow...

BobLAN 2017.2 Eve
It's BobLAN 2017.2 eve, so make sure you have all updated your PCs and all games that we are likely to play. Don't forget to start all the game managers - Steam, Origin, Uplay, etc, and let them do all their heavy lifting before you set off.

As always, the LAN schedule and webcam will be available on our dedicated BobLAN page. We tested the webcam yesterday, and these was around 7 seconds of delay, so not too bad. The camera will be enabled for general viewing tomorrow.

CS:GO Dust2 Interview
With the revamped version of Dust2 now live, it seemed like a good time to post an interview with the original creator of Dust2. Whilst not involved in the remake, Dave Johnston shares his views on current map making and Dust2's longevity (it was created in 2001!)

Read more on Rock, Paper, Shotgun

CS:GO Dust 2 Refresh
The iconic Dust 2 map is being given an overhaul to bring it in line with the graphical style of more recent maps. You can view the before/after images on

The map is currently in beta, but we should be able to get it in time for BobLAN next month!

Call of Duty: WWII
Slegdehammer Games, the developers behind the upcoming Call of Duty: WWII, have announced on their site that the multiplayer beta will be available to PC gamers on 29th September 2017.

Due for general release on 3rd November, you can get early access via Steam (although it doesn't say yet if you need to preorder in order to access the beta).

Timing-wise, this could be a BobLAN contender!

Age of Empires IV
The next installment in the Age of Empires series has been announced, over 10 years after the previous version. The game will be created by Relic Entertainment, who are responsible for the highly acclaimed Warhammer 40,000 and Company of Heroes series.

You can view a short trailer on Youtube (no gameplay footage as yet).

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