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PUBG Map Selection
Bluehole have released a couple of announcements of things to be coming our way in the near future:
  • Map Selection - the ability to let you choose which map you want to play on ahead of match-making
  • Weapons Balance - various new attachments, and moving some of the better items from random loot locations to the care packages
There are no dates on these new features - hopefully soon though, particularly for map selection!

DFC 20th Birthday
Today marks 20 years since we decided to form a clan and have a go in the QuakeWorld leagues. I think that's worth a beer or two at BobLAN in a couple of weeks' time :)

Asus Merlin Firmware 380.70
As previously mentioned, Asus have moved to a new base firmware and Merlin has followed with the 384 versions. However, older models of router are not compatible with the 384 firmware (eg the RT-AC66U). 380.70 is the final Merlin firmware to be released using the old Asus base code - you can read full details here on the SNBForums post: The article does refer to a forked version that will continue support for the older routers for the time being - this may be worth pursuing if you have a router in the RT-AC66 family.

BobLAN 2018.1 Dates
The dates for the first BobLAN of 2018 have been announced. The LAN will take place from Thursday 10th until Sunday 13th May. The LAN Party page and Forums Topic are up and available - what do we fancy playing this time?!

PUBG Update News
ShackNews have published a couple more good PUBG articles covering recent developments:

PUBG Anti-cheat Measures
The producers of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds have started to fight back against the heavy cheating that seems to be blighting the game. Whilst some of the measures they are taking could inconvenience some players, most regular players would be unaffected.

Read the press release on Steam

PUBG Crash Info
Another sort of guide from Shacknews covers reported crashes following the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. The developers are aware of it, but no fix is imminent at this time.

In addition, at the bottom of the page there's an interview with the PUBG developer. This was recorded prior to the full 1.0 release - some interesting stuff in it.

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PUBG Guides Part 2
More from Shacknews' series of PUBG guides. These two cover weapon muzzles and improving your FPS:

PUBG Guides Part 1
Shacknews have started posting a series of PUBG guides. The first two cover weapon attachments: Hopefully more to follow soon...

DFC Review of 2017
This last year saw a couple of great BobLAN events, and the switch of this site to SSL. PUBG was a big hit at the last LAN, and now that it is in full release, it should be improving steadily in the runup to the Spring BobLAN!

Thanks for the past year go to:
  • [DFC]Lynx for hosting the best LAN parties ever
  • Pup and Trebz for sending in the photos from November - it's great to capture the group at the LANs, and to see how little the line-up has actually changed over the years
  • }data{ for continuing to host this site, and enabling the Let's Encrypt auto-renew functionality
  • Let's Encrypt for providing free SSL certificates to hobbyist sites like ours, who otherwise would not be able to afford one
  • @Scott_Helme for providing his site, where we were able to go from an F security rating to A+ with a few simple tweaks to the site's header information

All in all, a pretty good year. Here's to an even better 2018...

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