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Web Site Updates
DFCoders have been hard at work over the w/e to produce new Web Site goodies, Clan members can now:

* Delete ladder results (in case you want to wind Gobs up ;-)
* Submit, amend and delete News items online - keep it relevant lads...
* A player locations page listing current server and port is just awaiting Gamespy 2.02, currently in beta.
* Online submission of Match results will be ready later this week.

We have almost got through the whole site now so if anyone has any ideas for new dynamic content mail DF-RommelReubs, DF-Mesmer or DF-Skonley...

MCW Season 4 - Week 6
Hmm, is there a comic side to being beat 440-26? No wonder the ladder is more popular than MCW really.

On a more positive note DBs at BarrysWorld is impressed with the new web site, so much so you may be seeing more of Desert Fox Code in the near future - and not just on our site ;-)

Ladder Results on Web Site
The new dynamic version of the Clan Ladder goes live ! - you can submit your results and instantly see the changes in the ladder.

DFC Web Site on BarrysWorld
Discussions with BarrysWorld about hosting our new Clan DataBase have begun - we will keep you posted...

DFC Cup Draw
The draw for the inaugural DFC Challenge Cup was made today. The toughest draw was for DF-RommelReubs who faces our guest ladder member, Mere Mortals clan leader MM_The-Borg. A tie with DF Clan leader DF-Mesmer awaits the winner. See the Cup page.

MCW Fixtures Update
The schedules for MCW week 5 have been announced. We are to play DPS on Thursday 9th July at 7:30pm. The map is DM3 for which there is a vised version available.

MCW Season 4 - Week 4
We lost our fourth MCW match in succession tonight to Allied Mayhem. We knew it was one we had to win as they were just below us before the match, but it was not to be. Out teamplay let us down once again. A report is available from the Results page.

EvilGoblin Tops Ladder
Following the match much frustration was taken out on the Clan ladder duels, with MM-EvilGoblin making the most of the absence of DF-Mesmer and DF-Skonley to climb back to the top of the ladder.

MCW Fixture
This weeks match against AM is on Thursday at 8:20pm - Map UKCLDM4.
Last weeks results against DP have been corrected and updated. Check out Anselmo demo (1.7Mb).

MCW Season 4 - Week 3
OK - so we lost again, this time to DP (the Dark Preachers), a well established clan with some impressive teamplay abilities - check out the report section for details.

MCW Fixture - DP
This weeks match against DP is on Thursday 25th June at 8:20pm - Map UKCLDM2. Clan members can get the updated keyboard overlays, level specific configs, strategy guide and maps from the usual place ;-)

MCW Season 4 - Week 2
There should be a news report on our loss to RAQ here but I think DF-Mesmer does not want to talk about it ;-(

MCW Season 4 Resumes
The MCW is to recommence next week following the release by Zarjazz and Teppic of the Guru Proxy. The next match for DFC is against RAQ on Titan 2 on Thursday 18th June at 8:20pm.

MCW Season 4 - Week 1
Desert Fox Clan were on the receiving end of a severe drubbing in their opening game against Dircon. The score was 41-241 - not the best of starts :(

MCW Season 4 News
Clan RX have disbanded. This means that Division 4 reverts to 10 clans.

MCW Season 4 Maps
The maps for the first half of the new season have ben announced. They are:
Week 1: Andromeda 9
Week 2: Titan 2
Week 3: DM3
Week 4: E2M1
Week 5: UKCLDM2
Week 6: UKCLDM4

MCW Season 4 Delayed
The start of season 4 of the MCW has been delayed by 1 week. Division 4 matches will now start on Thursday 28th May.

Desert Fox Clan have been accepted into the MCW League Division 4 for the start of season 4.

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