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DFC Win MCW Season 7
DF finished their season in style, with good wins over GM and iC. Of the two games, only one was of a serious nature - cheers GM :)
When iC realised they were well beaten, they played their usual childish trick of only using axes. This not only trvialises the game, but it makes for a waste of time for the other team involved. Tossers.

That said, DF went through the season with a 100% record - a big thanks and well played to all clan members for a superb effort :)

MCW7 Final Table

MCW Season 7 Draws to a Close
DFC play their final fixtures of the season tonight against GM and iC. Both clans have had good results this season and these will not be easy games. However, after a 40 hour marathon LAN session over the weekend, we are in top condition.
Sort of.

With our excellent frag difference, we only need to win one of these two fixtures. Also, PN(B) face Strike Force this evening, who have had a very strong finish to the season. Perhaps they could do us a favour or two...

MCW Season 7 Decider...and We Won
DFC faced PN(B) tonight in what should be the deciding match in Div4 of the MCW this season. Up to this game, both DFC and PN(B) had 100% records. After a well fought game, DFC emerged winners by 142 frags to 74.

Woohooooo :)

E3M1 LOC File Update
Can all clan members please download an updated E3M1 LOC file from the site prior to Tuesday's practice. The one posted prior to Sunday's friendlies has been replaced.

Grudge Match pt II
Following last week's fiasco against the spirited iC, DFC look likely to field an unchabged side to face them in the rematch.
This is DF's first grudge match, and I for one can't wait :)
Check the forum on the iC site for a good laugh :) (Also check the poor spelling :)

Wij Becomes LPB
After 3 system rebuilds and some extreme swearing and mouse abuse Wij is finally an LPB. Oooh :)

MCW Season 7 - Good Start for DFC
DFC have now won their first 3 league matches in a row, something quite unprecidented for us. Well played to all who have taken part, and thanks to the rest of the clan for making the practices possible :)

New Fox Up
DF-Wij has posted a new Fox of the Week. It's possibly the most outrageous yet, so check it out by catching the flying fox...

MCW Season 7 - Opening Game

DFC are One Year Old
DFC today celebrate our 1st birthday - let's hope we mark it with a win in the opening game of MCW 7 (something we have failed to manage in the last 3 seasons).

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