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BF Map - Battle of Britain
New map out for BF1942 - Battle of Britain. Axis fly in and aim to destroy key allied buildings. Allies must prevent this. Download from our FTP Server.

Desert Combat Updated
The popular BF1942 mod Desert Combat has been updated to add support for the recent v1.4 patch of the main BF1942 game.

You can grab the updated Desert Combat from our FTP Server (version 0.38a, weighing in at 326.8MB)

BF1942 v1.4 Patch Out
There is a new patch out for Battlefield 1942 - version 1.4.
You can grab it from our FTP Server.

Note that the current version of Desert Combat will not work correctly with BF1942 v1.4 - an updated version of Desert Combat is expected shortly.

The changes are mainly bug fixes and minor gameplay enhancements.

DFC Affiliated to GAME
DFC have been accepted as an affiliate of GAME - the web site of the popular retail chain. We get a small commission on sales generated by our site, which may well come in handy when the pizzas are delivered at the next LAN :)

See the affiliates page for details.

We've also applied to Dabs for partnership. As a clan, we do spend quite a lot of money at the two places, so recognition of that with a small commission would be most welcome.

GAME.NET CounterStrike Night
It was another good CS night over at GAME.NET. Turnout was better than previous weeks, and a good game was had by all.

Check the diary for the next BF1942 games.

Games Nights at GAME.NET
Fancy a good game of CS? How about a bit of Ghost Recon? If so, head over to GAME.NET and check out the diary of events. There is plenty going on, and DFC members are to be found getting thrashed on GAME.NET servers.

For the weekly Ghost Recon event run by DFC's Mesmer and Trebz, check out the event forum thread.

DFC Site back!
Well, after a long absence, the DFC web site is back - this time in PHP/MySQL format. I suppose we'd better start playing some games to write about again :)

DFC Site Moved
As a result of the uncertainty of the future of BarrysWorld, the DFC site has moved to MesmerWorld. MesmerWorld offers ASP and database which will enable DFC to continue with its active content.

Team Lists at BarrysWorld
BarrysWorld have recently launched their Team Registration service. Any BarrysWorld member can register a team, which is made up of any number of BarrysWorld members.

DFC have registered themselves. Find our details here.

You can also view the full Team List

Not that we had anything to do with it or anything ;-)

England out of Euro 2000
England 2 - 3 Portugal,
England 1 - 0 Germany,
England 2 - 3 Romania.

Once again we fail at football. :-(

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