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E2M7 LOC File Available
A LOC file for E2M7 is available on the Strategy page - can all clan members please download it.
Thanks again to MM-Belgarion for the LOC :)

DFC has 5000th Visitor
The Desert Fox Clan Website marches on. This time, DF-Mesmer was there to witness the event.
5000 hits

MCW Season 6 - Week 5
DF lose again in the MCW, but not by very much. Check results page for details.

MCW Season 6 - Week 3
See previous News item. Similar theme :(

New DFC Skins
Skins for new clan members KillerBean and AngryDaz are now available. Can all clan members please either download them from the Members page (Home skins only), or download the whole Home and Away skin packs from the Skins page.

MCW Season 6 - Week 4
DF win in MCW. By default.

Reubs in Ladder Bullying Shocker
Things are looking good for DF-Reubs ladder position. How can this unbelievable state of affairs be? BULLYING of course. Certain lower ranked ladder people have commented that as soon as they get online Reubs appears as if by magic. This situation will be monitored by the anonymous ladder overseer :)

MCW Season 6 - Week 2
DFC lose in the MCW again. Now there's a turn up for the books. See results page for match report (if it can be called that).

DF-Mirage in QuakeCup
DF-Mirage has made a good start in the BarrysWorld QuakeCup beating Darff 3 - 1 on DM2. Mirage goes on to play Rabid Rat in the next round.

MCW Season 6 - Week 1
DFC lost their first match to DV. A somewhat brief match report is available.
On a happier note FOTW has been updated at last after Wij's 2 bouts of flu.
There will be no praccy with MM this Sunday because most of DF are off round to DF-Lynx's for a game and beer session.
Finally KillaBean has been accepted into the DF fold after chalking up his first win in the ladder.
That is all :)

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