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DFC Reaches 4000 Hits
The Desert Fox Clan Website reached a landmark last night as you can see below, your intrepid reporter DF-Reubs was there to witness the event :-)

KillerBean Joins DFC
.. .. .. Hot off the press .. .. ..
Desert Fox accepts a new trialist KillerBean into the fold, his skills are mostly in BBC emulator games at the moment but with a bit of coaching we've high hopes for the lad :-)

MCW Season 5 - Week 9
Desert Fox finish the MCW season against Earthshock with a default win (184-0). Thanks must go to Magic Roundabout for scoring over 400 frags and pushing up the average win for this week! This means we finish 4th in Div 5. Not a bad improvement on our whitewash of last season :-)
Congratulations to all Clansmen - told you it'd be more fun once we started to win occasionally... :-)
We also merited a mention on the MCW news page, check it out...

TerryHatchet's Angry Face!
Clansmen - Try downloading Terry's Angry Face skin from the skins page. It represents a new dimension in skin technology. I will be using it on my more angry occasions.

Clansmen - the LOC file for UKCLDM1 is on the site - get it from the usual place before the friendly against MM on Sunday.

New Fox Up
New Fox of the Week - check it out. Thanks to DF-Wij for this week's Fox. Also, Netscape 4 support has been added to the Fox of the week, so it is no longer restricted to IE4.

MCW Season 5 - Week 8 - 'Ave It
DFC romp to an unprecidented 164-35 win. See MCW Season 5 results for details.
Next week's fixtures have been announced. We are playing ES at the new time of 8:20pm. DD play Insomnia, which could open the way for a top 3 finish for DFC.

Server Viewer
You can now monitor, join or spectate games on our server from your browser, follow the link below the piccys on the ping page. Or try: DFC Server (Please note you will need the Qplug plugin) DF_Gaz

MCW Season 5 - Week 5
DFC win again - this time over former league leaders DD. DD were under strength, but well played to DFC nevertheless :)

New Fox Up
New Fox of the Week - IE4 users can check it out by catching the Flying Fox...

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