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MCW Fixture - DP
This weeks match against DP is on Thursday 25th June at 8:20pm - Map UKCLDM2. Clan members can get the updated keyboard overlays, level specific configs, strategy guide and maps from the usual place ;-)

MCW Season 4 - Week 2
There should be a news report on our loss to RAQ here but I think DF-Mesmer does not want to talk about it ;-(

MCW Season 4 Resumes
The MCW is to recommence next week following the release by Zarjazz and Teppic of the Guru Proxy. The next match for DFC is against RAQ on Titan 2 on Thursday 18th June at 8:20pm.

MCW Season 4 - Week 1
Desert Fox Clan were on the receiving end of a severe drubbing in their opening game against Dircon. The score was 41-241 - not the best of starts :(

MCW Season 4 News
Clan RX have disbanded. This means that Division 4 reverts to 10 clans.

MCW Season 4 Maps
The maps for the first half of the new season have ben announced. They are:
Week 1: Andromeda 9
Week 2: Titan 2
Week 3: DM3
Week 4: E2M1
Week 5: UKCLDM2
Week 6: UKCLDM4

MCW Season 4 Delayed
The start of season 4 of the MCW has been delayed by 1 week. Division 4 matches will now start on Thursday 28th May.

Desert Fox Clan have been accepted into the MCW League Division 4 for the start of season 4.

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