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DFC Fixture List Live
We now have a Fixtures page - should have been there from the start really.
Any clan member can add a fixture.
Note that the opposition clan name is a URL (if they have a site) so it makes checking our enemy out a bit easier :)

LOC File and Comms Update
Clansmen - the proxy LOC files and map specific chat files have been updated. Get them from the usual place before Sunday's match vs MM at 9:00pm.
(The map specific chat files have been zipped up into one file - unzip over your current versions)

DFC vs WZ Friendly
DFC chalk up a victory in their friendly against Wizzzard, although network conditions were far from ideal. Report and piccies available.

Wizzzard Friendly
The friendly tomorrow against Wizzzard is definitely ON. The match starts at 9:00pm, so meet in IRC at 8:45pm.
New proxy LOC files have been created - get them from the usual place. Thanks to MM-Belgarion for the updated LOCs :)

DFC vs WZ Friendly Next Week
A friendly against Wizzzard for Thursday 10th September is in the process of being arranged. Could all clan members please e-mail DF-Mesmer to say whether they would be available. Wizzzard are new into the MCW Div 5 and so it promises to be an interesting match.

A link to their site can be found on our Links page.

MCW Cup - DFC Go Out
Despite a brave effort, DFC bowed out of their first MCW Cup. We were beaten by Psychonauts but we put up our best fight yet. Stats available on our Results page.

We have found fame at last - BigFooT has put our Clan banner (Evil Goblin's one) on the MCW news page. Check it out :)

MCW Cup - Win for DFC
Desert Fox scored their first ever Clan match win this afternoon in the MCW Cup. Only wrECK showed up from the The Gib Chasers so we got a default win. Not exactly the way we wanted to gain our first win, but we're through to the next round on Tuesday at 9.10pm, playing the PsychoNauts on E4M3.

QuakeWorld Update

IMPORTANT - all Clan Members take note:

Barrysworld are upgrading ALL servers to QW 2.30 on Sunday morning, so everyone needs to get the new Client files.

The clients qw230 and qw221 will NOT connect to the others server so as before create a qw230 directory off the root, save the client files in it, amend the qwver.bat and hey presto version switching (if you bothered to set it up in the first place...) ;)

MCW Cup - reminder that our 1st round match is this Sunday (30th Aug) at 1:30pm. Our opponents are The Gib Chasers and the map is DM3.

DFC vs QUTA Friendly
Another friendly has been arranged. It's against QUTA and it's on Thursday 27th August at 10:30pm.

DFC members are requested to meet in IRC at around 10:00pm. The games will be on two different maps, one of which will be Titan 2. The other map tba.

Both MM and QUTA skins are available on our Skins page.

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